Dr. Holden is a clinical psychologist offering counseling and evaluation services for a wide range of psychological, educational, relationship and adjustment difficulties. She  has the unusual distinction among family and marital therapists of subspecialty training as a developmental neuropsychologist.   This gives her particular diagnostic sensitivity and problem solving ability whether  working with complex neuropsychiatric disorders and medical conditions or helping clients face the more “garden variety” challenges of daily life.  Medical and scientific expertise and breadth and depth of experience as a family and relationship counselor are a powerful combination.  Additionally, the accumulated wisdom from a full life that has included marriage, raising three children and lifelong personal and spiritual growth work contributes substantially to her effectiveness.

Experience and credentials include degrees from University of California (summa cum laude), Ohio State University, University of Denver and University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  In her 30+ years of work as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Holden has held faculty and clinical positions at the University of Denver and University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and affiliated hospitals.  She has worked in private practice and clinic and social service settings as well as served as a consultant to agencies of the State of Colorado, school districts and local mental health and medical groups.  She has offered professional workshops locally and nationally and runs on-going consultation groups for mental health professionals.

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    Deborah Holden, Ph.D.
    1616 17th Street
    Suite 578
    Denver, Colorado 80202

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